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Welcome to ACMCL College Official Website

ACMCL College ... an institution located in the heart of the Municipality of Victoria, The Fruit Basket of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. This is where we challenge and develop creative minds and great leaders in the future. For the past 19 years, ACMCL gives quality education and continues to bring a remarkable change in the lives of its citizens. This year 2012 is indeed, another milestone because we have come up with a lot of innovations, thus, ACHIEVING EXCELLENCE is evident, it's threading a path where we can say that every student is Proud to be a Montessorian!

Let the good seeds the ACMCL has planted in each one of you grow healthy and let it bear sweet fruits in right time....Instill the value of discipline, abide by the moral standards of the society and be a valuable citizen of the country...be confident to face life's challenges through EDUCATION. ---Tito Tony H. Dolor, MPA - President ACMCL Board of Trustees

Welcome to ACMCL College Official Website

After years of its conception, the institution has evolved to very different level. From a simple dream to give early education for children now to institution that produces professionals.

It is great to recall the memories of the people behind the success of the school. They really shared the same vision and exerted equal efforts to be able to reach where we are today.

To the ever great parents who are entrusting their children's future to us, our gratitude to your continuous support. The proof of quality of education can be achieved even from a small community .

To our past and present Faculty members and personnel, your share in the realization of the mission is the foundation of the institution therefore will always be our inspirations to continue perform the duties of being a nation builder.

In Behalf of all members of the Board of Trustees, expect to the endless aspiration for excellence in terms of giving the best education available and the delivery of service, love and care to our students.

To GOD we give the greatest HONOR and GLORY.

Humphrey Atienza Dolor, PECE,MBA
College Director